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  • € 25,000 for chemotherapy
  • € 150,000 for a transplant of bone marrow stem cells
  • Racho Kolev is 34 years old Sport journalist in
  • Is covering Bulgarian, European and World basketball tournaments
  • Has worked in professional volleyball club in Bulgaria
  • Graduated in Sofia University - History . A graduate of the Spanish Language School in Sofia


Our friend and colleague Racho Kolev needs an urgent medical treatment abroad

Racho is diagnosed with the very rare erythroleukemia M6. The treatment includes chemotherapy and after that Racho needs to undergo a bone marrow transplantation that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey.

On Monday (26.12) he started the chemotherapy in John Hopkins Hospital in Istanbul. It costs 25 000 Euro. If the therapy has a positive result the transplantation, whose costs are 150 000 Euro, needs to be done immediately. Racho and his mother can't afford to pay this amount of money. But they need it immediately after the chemotherapy in order to have the crucial transplantation done at the right time.

Right now Racho is having the fight of his life, but it is important for him to know he is not alone in it!

Racho's accounts for donations are:

Leva: BGN BG25 UNCR 7000 1520 3787 84

Evro: EUR BG74 UNCR 7000 1520 3807 15

USD: USD BG90 UNCR 7000 1520 3807 18




Untitled Document ::: The donation accounts are all for charity.